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The Northern Lights have spread across the sky and blinded everyone who witnessed them. Band together with anyone you can find and try and survive against carnivorous plants that have shot to the top of the food chain. Explore your town and find things to help your people thrive. Necessity is the mother of invention, when you only have rats and tuna you may need to become a culinary Edison.

  • Game overview
    • Northern Lights is a game in which you manage a group of survivors in the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster. Explore and try to keep your group alive as strange alien plants hunt humans for food.

  • Scope of release
    • Only the games tutorial is confirmed to be functional. Any other elements can be explored but are liable to not behave as expected.
  • Limitations/Issues/Expectations
    • This is the initial public alpha release. Content is a work in progress and it does not always represent the finished product.
    • Graphical settings are tuned to look right at Very High. Lighting can be all wrong if its set lower
  • Please send feedback!
    • The purpose of this release is to gather all kinds of feedback from the public. Taking the time to send us your thoughts or experiences means a huge amount to us and your information is invaluable to development. Feedback can be about (but not limited to) compatibility, performance, bugs, crashes, general comments, suggestions.
  • Feedback Method
    • Send us a video! If you record your gameplay (with OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/download for example) and either send us the video or host it (ie to youtube) and send the link. Being able to watch people play will give us a lot of information to work with and would be incredibly appreciated.
    • Send us some text! Send us an email at isaac.hurley@gmail.com or post in the discord (link below)



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Version 1 Jun 22, 2019

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